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Voxel Adventures Minetest Servers

Voxel Adventures

https://voxeladventures.com Voxel Adventures is a community and collection of adventure and survival Minetest┬áservers. Minetest is a near-infinite-world block sandbox game in the same vein as Minecraft and Infiniminer. It is often referred to as a free Minecraft clone, but you will soon find the gameplay of the two can be quite different depending on the […]

PHP, addslashes, Postgresql, and MySQL

Through all my years of programming PHP I have been pretty good about escaping variables when they are included in a database query. The first method I learned was simply using addslashes(), I was unaware that MySQL and Postgresql have their own PHP functions to escape strings for a while. Using addslashes() has recently came […]

Cheat on Hanging With Friends

Hanging With Friends is a addictive hang-man style game by Zynga. You play against your friends and take turns putting together words that has to be guessed within a certain number of strikes or one of your balloons pops lowering you closer to the lava pit below. We developed the base of this tool in […]