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Gotta Getta Limo, LLC

Gotta Getta Limo, LLC is a WordPress site. We put together a simple site for them to help promote their new limo business serving the Springfield, MO area. We customized a base WordPress theme to fit the style they wanted. We also helped them get started with social media marketing by setting up a Facebook […]

Whirlwind Ranch Alpacas

Whirlwind Ranch is a WordPress site. We took a base theme and customized it to meet their needs. Other than the storefront the website is pretty simple mostly consisting of pages and posts. The shopping cart was built using WP-eCommerce. They don’t use WP-eCommerce to track inventory so we wrote a custom payment plugin to […]


TedAmberg.com is a WordPress site. WordPress is such a flexible, feature rich content management system. It gives web developers power to quickly build dynamic websites that can be turned over to the user to manage their own website. It really is the best of both worlds.

Amberg Events

We didn’t design Amberg Events’ website but we have been maintaining the site over the last few years. This mostly consists of updating the Rentals & Services page and making sure all of the contact forms are working properly.