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Cheat on Hanging With Friends

Cheat on Hanging With FriendsHanging With Friends is a addictive hang-man style game by Zynga. You play against your friends and take turns putting together words that has to be guessed within a certain number of strikes or one of your balloons pops lowering you closer to the lava pit below. We developed the base of this tool in PHP and use Javascript and jQuery to make the tool function without annoying page reloads.

Brema Web Solutions has developed a tool to help you beat your friend at Hanging With Friends. With this tool you select how many letters the word is, and you enter the letters you know are in the word in the yellow squares at the top, and check mark the letters you have already used in rows of letters listed at the bottom. Once you start entering letters into the word you will see possible words listed on the right as well as the best choice for your next letter. As you discover more and more letters in the word the list of possible words narrows.

So if you stuck on a word or just want an advantage when playing Hanging With Friends check out our tool:

Cheat on Hanging With Friends

Our Cheat on Hanging With Friends tool was developed using PHP, Javascript, jQuery, and Ajax technologies. It uses a MySQL database for data storage. We didn’t go all out with the design because all we needed was this simple layout to accept user input and display the possible words. This is one of those projects we did just to see if we could do it, and we have come up with a pretty accurate tool for cheating at Hanging With Friends.