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Facebook Page vs Facebook Account

I see a lot of businesses hanging around on Facebook as a regular Facebook account that has to accept friend requests, and all of that stuff. Plain and simple, your Facebook account isn’t geared toward promoting a business. That is what Facebook Pages are for.

Facebook Pages are really a great way to promote your business. They give you a quick and easy way to spread the word about special promotions, as well as keep your fans and customers up to date. Facebook Pages are open to the public just like your business. This allows other Facebook users to gather all of the information they need about your business without the hassle of submitting a friend request and waiting for your response.

By regularly posting fresh content to your Facebook Page you keep your business name in the minds of your customers and friends. It doesn’t take a lot to keep your Facebook Page current. There are many options to integrate other content sources into your Facebook Page. If you are on Twitter you can have your tweets automatically posted to your Facebook Page. If your website is built on WordPress there are many tools that will automatically share your blog posts on your Facebook Page. You really only need to keep one set of content up to date, and the rest of your social sites and be updated off of that media source.

Once you have your Facebook Page setup you will need to take some action to build your user base. Facebook gives you the option to invite all of your friends and that is usually the first thing you should do, it’s even OK to ask other friends and family members to invite all of their friends to like your page. That generally results in several initial ‘Likes’ of your Facebook Page. The neat thing to watch are the people ‘Liking’ your page because they saw one of their friends ‘Like’ it, and so on. Here are some other ways to help build your base:

  • Add a ‘Like’ button or ‘Like’ box to your Website
  • Offer exclusive deals on your Facebook Page
  • Promote and have contests for those who ‘Like’ your Facebook Page
After you have an established fan based the next key is to engage your users. There is a key word in social media and social networking… that’s right it’s social. User engagement is even better than just having your users passively see your name on their News Feed. If you get your users to regularly interact with your Facebook Page your name recognition will sky rocket.
If you are trying to use Facebook to promote your business but you don’t have a Facebook Page… you need one.

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