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Voxel Adventures Minetest Servers

Voxel Adventures


Voxel Adventures is a community and collection of adventure and survival Minetest servers. Minetest is a near-infinite-world block sandbox game in the same vein as Minecraft and Infiniminer. It is often referred to as a free Minecraft clone, but you will soon find the gameplay of the two can be quite different depending on the sub-game being played.

We built a completely custom website from scratch for Voxel Adventures. It was building using PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and ChartJS.

The website and game servers interact with each other. Players register at voxeladventures.com and that allows them to log into the game servers. This allows server administrators to manage players online instead of in game.

Game servers report back to the web server how many players are online and the server load and this is reflected on the website and graphs can be made using ChartJS to show the players and server load over time.

Voxel Adventures ChartJS Stats

We are also still developing the in game purchases. Players can purchase credits on the website through PayPal and then they are able to buy items in game.